Motivational Speaker – Martial Artist – Music Composer


I just got done seeing an amazing keynote speech by Tony Connors. His the art of not giving up even when it hurts speech was absolutely unbelievable, the way that Tony was able to command the stage. Not only that, but the things that I was able to learn, not only about Tony, but about myself throughout his speech was really moving and inspiring. I feel like there’s absolutely no way I’m going to give up now, no matter how much it hurts. You need to book Tony Connors to your event now, it’s an experience that you will not regret nor will you soon forget.

Michael Letsinger

What an amazing experience, this man bares his soul. He talks about how to just be your biggest, strongest self, and to overcome all kinds of challenges that happen in your life. He shares his own experience, he shares his music, he shares his heart and it’s so inspiring. I’m just so grateful that I had an opportunity and I think you’ll be grateful, I know you will be, to have him if you’re having an event and you want a great keynote speaker to come in and inspire your audience and to share with them something that they’re going to hold with and keep with them forever.

John Silvers

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